Published by KAIROS - Greek Theological Association for the improvement of the Religious Education ISSN: 2623-4386

The Greek Journal of Religious Education (GJRE) is an international peer-reviewed journal published in Greece by the KAIROS-Greek Theological Association for the improvement of the Religious Education It publishes articles in Greek and English on Religious Education and Education.

The aim of the journal is to develop and promote internationally, research, study and dialogue on Religious Education based on the axis of Religious Education, theological, philosophical, social / political, ecclesiastical / religious and cultural approaches.

It also holds interest for other issues from wider fields such as Education Sciences or relevant fields such as Intercultural Education, Ethics, Education on Values, Citizenship, Education for Peace and Human Rights, Education for Democracy, Drama Education, Special Education etc. It also functions as a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas and actions from educational practice at all levels of Education and from any national context.

Papers related to the following fields show special interest for the journal:

  • theory, practice and research for Religious Education at school and elsewhere in Greece and abroad
  • religions in education
  • methodologies of pedagogy/didactics and interdisciplinary dialogue
  • philosophy, sociology and history of education
  • theory and practice of the Curriculum
  • educators/teachers and professional development
  • humanities and education
  • cultural theory-religion and pedagogy
  • Religious Education and religious communities

Papers on Religious Education and teaching of all religions at any educational level within any national, international and transnational context are acceptable for peer review. The articles express the views of the author and not of the journal.

Peer reviewed articles are listed on the white pages of the magazine.

The rest of the journal's content is included in the green, blue and orange pages.

In addition, an important part of the magazine's content is:

  • presentations of educational material, which has been used in practice, such as lesson plans, teaching techniques and activities, etc., and are recommended to educators/teachers that teach in classrooms
  • book reviews
  • articles
  • letters
  • presentations of programs and books related to education, and theology
  • PhD/ Doctoral dissertation abstracts
  • conference presentations
  • interviews
  • news related to RE

This material is included in the journal on the

  • green pages (educational material),
blue pages (book reviews, articles, letters)
  • and orange pages (presentations of educational programs and books related to education, and theology, PhD/Doctoral, PostDoC work, conferences, interviews, news on Religious Education).